Telemedicine Solution

Telemedicine solution is an online platform where you can instantly connect with licensed and qualified doctors anytime, anywhere!

The new normal with Telehealth services

Today, the field of telemedicine has evolved to the point where it can be blended into the world of virtual objects. Technological growth has integrated all types of improvement to an astounding degree that showcases what the future will look like. The utilization of AR/VR, robotics, and artificial intelligence has opened up new avenues for growth in all sectors. With the growth of science and technology, the demand and supply chain have also impacted customers and widened their range of options. The shifting patterns of customer behavior necessitate additional innovation to achieve even greater success. For many decades, the medical industry has remained innovative while welcoming all types of technology. Research reveals that 75% of telemedicine users globally are satisfied with the services online rather than in-person consultations.

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The use of specific technology is required for the development of software that interacts with online doctorate activities. The modernization of healthcare practices has brought into play IoT, Robotics, and Blockchain technology, which reduces data breaches and risks associated with record keeping.Telemedicine software is designed to assist individuals by facilitating contact between doctors and patients via internet media. The apps and software solutions provide a wide spectrum of healthcare practitioners with improved communication choices with their patients. The availability of video conferencing via telehealth services on mobile devices, as well as consultation, are significant advances that boost productivity. The usage of medical imaging software and data transfer via EMR is assisting telehealth platforms in keeping up with the growth of current times. Health activities such as arranging appointments, management algorithms associated with data collection, and medical care processes are being worked upon. Telemedicine and teleconsultation have become the new normal in the modern-day, especially in the aftermath of the Covid epidemic. A recent survey revealed that telemedicine cuts health costs by 60% which makes it a popular technology for patients.

Some major features of Telehealth services include:

  • Simple video chat and audio communication with prompt chatbot services
  • Patients’ health records and data history, commonly known as EHR
  • Online testing and health supervision
  • online payments
  • The collaboration of pharmaceutical firms and health practitioners for responsiveness and 24-hour availability.

At Xeven, we endorse customer care with technological tools that are HIPAA compliant. Our team of experts is always available to offer the best telehealth services. telemedicine software development and Telehealth services have revolutionized the outlook of the tech sector and enabled room for patient recovery and diagnostic tools that bring fast remedies for ailments. We act as a bridge between doctors and patients to remove barriers while thriving to grow as a firm. Telehealth services offered by our health practitioners have ousted us as a firm. We grow as we maximize our resources to improve our company’s outlook. We provide solutions to technological hindrances like travel for appointments, FAQs by patients, and doctors’ unavailability by offering user apps to allow data storage with EHR services. The accurate amalgam of data and patient records allows fast solutions and quick communicative sessions among health technicians. We design apps that locate pharmacies and health testing spots for patient convenience. The application of robust techs like AI, robotic surgery, and other tools of treatment have allowed the expansion of the health industry. At Xeven, we offer the most advanced health services that are market-competent and reliable at the same time.

What is Telemedicine Solution?

Telemedicine Solution is a HIPAA and GDPR compliant telemedicine platform connecting patients and providers in real time with quick and easy appointment scheduling, audio and video consultation. Studies suggest that approximately 80% of health concerns that are otherwise non-complicated, can easily be treated online. Doctors are able to document clinical findings, order prescriptions online and refer to other providers. Patients can pay an affordable consultation fee via multiple payment gateways.

Patient-Provider Problems

Limited access
Ineffective remote care
Waiting time
Burdened Hospitals

Did You Know?

In the early months of COVID-19, 71% of patients had considered telemedicine while half had already gone through with a virtual appointment.
A study found that use of in-person medical services dropped by 75% in the first 2 months of the pandemic.
More than 60% of physicians reported that telehealth is easy to use within their practice across urban, suburban, and rural locations.
68% of physicians reported that they wanted to increase the use of telehealth in their practice.

High Level Features Of MyLiveDoctors

HIPAA & GDPR Compliant

  • Telemedicine industry standard guidelines for sensitive patient data
  • Protected patient medical records
  • Safe and secure exchange of confidential information

Accessibility to Specialists

  • Patients can find specialists with filter search option
  • Improved accessibility to specialist care for hard to reach places
  • Great option for chronic disease management

Quick Appointment Scheduling

  • One screen for all appointments
  • One-click appointment booking for patients
  • Less waiting time to schedule appointments
  • Talk to a Doctor on the same day

Audio & Video Consultation

  • High-quality live video sessions enabling healthcare providers to pick up visual and auditory clues for diagnosis.
  • Improves the quality of diagnosis
  • Increases patient satisfaction

Clinical Documentation

  • A complete record of the patient-physician interaction
  • SOAP notes for patient history
  • A log of vitals
  • E-prescription history

Interactive Interface

  • Push notification and SMS
  • Email notification on top
  • Important timely reminders

Public Forum

  • Online community support for patients
  • Discuss common health issues online

Web & Mobile Application

  • Accessible telemedicine platform through a web browser with any device
  • Mobile application also available for convenient 1:1 appointments

Robust Integration

  • Pharmacies
  • Point of care devices
  • Insurance providers
  • Digital Wearables
  • Remote patient monitoring devices .
  • Diagnostic partners
  • Healthcare partners