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of experts.

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Collaborative Team Effort
Xeven Solutions houses a team of visionary professionals that involve the client at every step of development and decision making.

A team of experts is reserved for and allocated to the client from start to finish.


A quick and professional tech and development consult is provided upon request for offhand queries.


A seamless and supportive relationship with the client.


Accommodating and flexible to client’s needs.

Irfan Malik
CEO / Owner
Phone: +92 (310) 040-4053
E-mail: irfan@www.xevensolutions.com
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Get to know us

On the clock, we’re technology experts and leaders that bring energy, passion, and knowledge to every project. Off the clock, we’re an eclectic bunch of foodies, music buffs, artists, sports fanatics, karaoke pros, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Board of Directors

Ayaz Qaiser
Ayaz Qaiser
Managing Director & CTO
Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Irfan
Founder & CEO
Dr. Tazeen H. Rizvi
Dr. Tazeen H. Rizvi
Managing Director & Subject Matter Expert

Rana Waqas Iqbal
Rana Waqas Iqbal
Principle Software Engineer
Majid Hassan
Majid Hassan
Head of Mobile Development Department
Usama Liaquat
Usama Liaquat
Head of Project Management Department
Umer Ilyas
Umer Ilyas
Head of Business Development Department
Achieving success together
At Xeven Solutions, you partner with a qualified team of expert software and business developers that are invested in delivering innovative technological solutions for your enterprise.
  • Provision of a clear roadmap outlining the strategy and system development process
  • Research, design, and implementation of client’s request
  • Testing and quality assurance procedures at every step of development
  • Co-functioning with the client through constant communication
  • Determining operational standards and procedures
  • Update or upgrade existing software systems as per client’s request
  • Working closely with other developers