The novel coronavirus pandemic has made access to healthcare not only difficult but also dangerous.

During this time, the importance of telemedicine has become more evident than ever. Telemedicine has had a significantly noticeable application in rural areas where access to healthcare was already a challenge. Individuals who require medical attention are able to consult the best online doctor through telehealth clinics in remote regions. With local telehealth tech support within these clinics, patients can easily book a tele appointment with a doctor and get treated remotely.

Challenges to find the best online doctor in rural areas

Telemedicine programs are particularly helpful for providers addressing a variety of challenges facing rural residents. Shortage of specialist health care staff and non-existence infrastructure are one of the main reasons for the lack of health care facilities in rural areas. Thanks to telemedicine, rural residents are able to book a tele-appointment with a doctor in a short amount of time and receive timely care for non-urgent medical conditions.

How telemedicine empowers patients to access the best online doctors from anywhere?

In order to get to even the closest health care provider, patients often travel for more than hundreds of miles or more for the care they need. When rural residents can’t access services promptly, they may experience poor outcomes. For example, a rural resident patient with diabetes might not be willing or able to travel long distances every few months for regular insulin level checks, leading to a dangerous spike in their HbA1C levels. This, in turn, can lead to dangerous consequences as well as hospital admissions leading to overall higher costs. In rural areas, distance and travel time between patients and providers is a significant barrier. 

Telemedicine also helps address these determinants of health as they affect patient health outcomes in the long run. For example, once a patient books a tele-appointment with a doctor through a telemedicine service like a mobile app or  a telehealth clinic, healthcare providers are able to overcome barriers related to geographic location.

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Which conditions can be treated through a tele-appointment with a doctor?


Telemedicine and telehealth programs benefit several rural populations, including rural residents with chronic conditions, such as disabilities, hypertension, heart disease, substance abuse disorders and/or mental health conditions. If you have one or more of these conditions, you can access the best online doctors and receive quality remote patient care without the hassle. 

An online doctor app is a very useful tool in facilitating people with limited to no movement, such as senior citizens, people with disabilities and/or stroke patients. Telemedicine is also beneficial for new mothers, pre-natal and post-natal follow-ups as travelling for women is sometimes even more difficult in rural areas due to societal norms and privacy reasons. If you fall in one of these categories and require medical assistance, then feel free to book a tele-appointment with the best online doctor today.

Other benefits of telemedicine in rural areas include:

  • Cost-effective. Online doctor consultations result in economic stability by helping rural residents save money on travel expenses. It also overcomes the challenges residents face in areas where public transportation is limited. Moreover, consultation fees for tele-appointments are much lower than in-person visits. 
  • Reduces complications. When patients book a tele-appointment with a doctor and receive timely treatment, the risk of disease-related complications reduces. 
  • Continuity of primary health care. Primary healthcare delivery is scarce in rural regions and the pandemic has only made the condition worse. Patients really struggle with access to good doctors. With telemedicine, they are able to find the best online doctors much faster and safely from the comfort of their own homes. 

If you want to give telemedicine a try, MY LIVE DOCTORS (MLD) is a telemedicine service that helps patients connect to healthcare providers regardless of geographic limitations, by enabling remote consultations, in-home monitoring, remote specialist consultations and e-prescriptions. MY LIVE DOCTORS is able to meet patients wherever they are in their communities in the privacy of their home. It offers more than just the hope of replacing in-person care; by offering greater access to specialists and easy access routine exams, it expands its services to the rural residents as well.

With enhanced remote patient care features, MLD helps doctors deliver personalized care plans for patient’s individual needs. MLD provides quality healthcare services by bringing the best online doctors as well as international experts, which benefits rural patients since they are no longer required to travel long distances to access specialty care.