A Doctor's second opinion may be your second chance at life

When an individual suffers from a potential life-threatening disease or has to undergo major surgery, it can be a difficult situation to endure.
Getting a second opinion

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What is a second opinion?

When an individual suffers from a potential life-threatening disease or has to undergo major surgery, it can be a difficult situation to endure. It’s often tough to make a decision with an opinion or outlook of a single doctor. Patients are often nervous, confused and unsure. This is the best time to receive additional clinical advice from another doctor. This is called ‘getting a second opinion’.

Why is it important to get a doctor’s second opinion?

A poll that surveyed 5000 Americans reported that about half never sought a second opinion. Only 3% always opted for one, regarding a diagnosis, treatment or surgery. Seeking a second opinion is actually more common than you think. It’s a highly recommended clinical practice that can:

  • Optimize treatment
  • Reduce risks
  • Alleviate unnecessary tests and procedures

How useful can a second opinion be?

A doctor’s second opinion gives the patient a more comprehensive outlook regarding his own situation. The patient is able to gain more knowledge which will make decision making much easier. In short, the advantages of a second opinion are:

  • The chance to explore and acquire more information about available treatment options
  • Compare and contrast the diagnosis with that of the first doctor
  • To attain a suitable treatment plan
  • To get an estimated cost of the procedure or treatment

Why do you get a second opinion?

A recent cross-sectional study published in the Israel Journal of Health Policy Research surveyed 848 people about seeking a second opinion. Most of the people who sought a second opinion were above 60 years old and perceived their health status to be not so good.

Reasons for getting a second opinion included:

  • Doubts about diagnosis or treatment (38%)
  • Search for a sub-specialty expert (19%)
  • Not satisfied with communication (19%)

About one third of respondents chose a specialist that was recommended by a friend, and about half of the study population looked up online doctors or searched for information on the internet.

Results were as follows:

  • 84% were satisfied with the second opinion
  • 77% felt their health improved after the second opinion
  • 56% said there was a difference in diagnosis between first and second doctor
  • 91% preferred the second opinion over the first one

How to get a second opinion from a doctor?

If you or a loved one are having doubts about seeking medical treatment for your illness (whatever the reason may be), seeking a second opinion from another or multiple doctors is your safest bet. The best part is, you can get one from the comfort of your own home!

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Just remember, life offers second thoughts and second chances every so often. When it comes to your health, take them seriously!