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The Future of Cloud Development Services
The tug of war between the online and physical modes of work has allowed for innovation in the IT hub. Cloud development is one such blessing in disguise that has saved the administrative tasks in the corporate arena.
Ed Tech Amidst the Pandemic
Even before the pandemic, there was a rise in online education tech with rapid expansion and acceptance leading to worldwide Ed Tech, also, this industry is expected to reach $350 billion by the end of this decade.
The-Fourth-Industrial-Revolution (1)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The twenty-first century is a revolutionary one for the digital hub and incorporates digitization and other transformations in the world of digitization.

Female Entrepreneurs Shaping the Digital World

Today, there is a high number of female entrepreneurs excelling in all sectors of the economy.
How Baby Boomers Feel About Technology
How Baby Boomers Feel About Technology

These applications are next-level and have been able to add value to the older generation.

Mobile App Developer Services

Why Empathy is the Most Important Leadership Skill?

Experts at the biggest cloud app development company are re-evaluating the way they lead their teams.

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Sustainable Technology Future-Proofing the Planet

In contemporary times where technological advancements have captured the globe, new terms like sustainability


9 Employee Retention Tips

The past few years have been very stressful, with many active employees looking for a new job, which seems that many have finally reached their breaking point. With so many people quitting jobs, businesses have been forced to introspect.

Covid-19 and Access to Healthcare

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered our world forever. It not only triggered a severe socio-economic disruption around the globe.

Telemedicine Bridging the Patient-Provider Gap

The novel coronavirus pandemic has made access to healthcare not only difficult but also dangerous.

Second opinion. Second chance

When an individual suffers from a potential life-threatening disease or has to undergo major surgery, it can be a difficult situation to endure.

You might be allergic to eat meat

If you’re a steak lover, it doesn’t matter which grass that cow has been grazing on, you might be allergic to it and not even know it!

Do You Need a Medication Reminder

iMEDTracker medication list and reminder app is the right solution, which is also a better management of personal health in general.

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