Do you need a medication reminder to control high blood pressure

The free iMEDTracker medication list and reminder app is the right solution. This is not only a pill reminder system, but also a better management of personal health in general.
Do you know, what could happen with uncontrolled high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is a deadly disease, which is not easy to control for many. A recent study demonstrates that only 54% of all adults with high blood pressure or hypertension actually have it controlled. Are you part of the statistic for uncontrolled hypertension? Let us talk a little bit more about that. Are you concerned about your disease? Do you know, it is one of the major causes of heart disease and heart attacks? It leads to stroke. It can also potentially lead to anything from vision loss to kidney failure.

There are few terms, we would need to understand here including medication adherence and medication compliance or on the flipside medication nonadherence and medication noncompliance.

Broadly speaking, these terms include not following the advice of your physician both for lifestyle changes and healthy lifestyle modifications as well as adherence to drug therapy.

Numerous interventions have demonstrated the difficulty in improving the rate of compliance and adherence. That includes the failed use of electronic pillboxes, as means to improve medication compliance. This goes to prove that the solution is not in one golden ticket. You must have to follow a combined approach including optimal education, social aspects and assessment of out-of-pocket costs. Understanding of goals, expectations and outcomes and better management of adverse reactions can further improve the control of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure. This is in addition to the utilization of the latest in medication reminder technology.

Medication list and medication reminder applications not only provide a storage database for your prescribed medication, but also provide a solution towards a better understanding of your medical concerns.

The free iMEDTracker medication list and reminder app is the right solution. This is not only a pill reminder system, but also a better management of personal health in general. In a constantly evolving healthcare environment and with the increasing fatigue of daily life.

At iMEDTracker, we understand that only evidence-based approaches to wellness and health will provide us with the maximum benefit to live our lives to the fullest. Our goal is to improve general public health for the masses by imparting pertinent patient education and by providing the best means for lifestyle and medication compliance. This would also include integrating alternative medicine for maximum results. iMEDHealth wants you to take control of your life and your health and find the fastest way there!

Stay healthy and stay safe and remember that it is your doctor’s goal to prevent you from taking medication, but if you have to, you must take them properly.