Covid-19 and Access to Healthcare in Pakistan

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered our world forever. It not only triggered a severe socio-economic disruption around the globe.

It not only triggered a severe socio-economic disruption around the globe, but it’s ramifications in developing countries like Pakistan can be seen in all fields of life, be it 21st century medicine, healthcare systems, education and even social & cultural structures of our society. Speaking of healthcare, patients seeking quality healthcare services can book a tele-appointment and ask a doctor online in Lahore, or reach out in any city to ask a doctor online in Pakistan about a health problem they may have.

Pandemic in Pakistan

The biggest challenge throughout these times has been with our health care systems. Although most restrictions are being removed as the number of the vaccinated population is increasing, we are far from a cure and hence far from what we called “normal” before this pandemic. Punjab, being the largest province in Pakistan has experienced one of the hardest hits of covid19 with escalating cases. If you are experiencing covid19 symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath and loss of smell, you may want to ask a doctor online in Lahore about it and discuss an immediate treatment plan. This way you won’t have to leave home and risk further infection.

The massive influx of patients in tertiary healthcare settings due to COVID outbreaks put a significant strain on the health care systems around the world, but more so in underserved communities in Pakistan. Even resource-rich countries in Europe are facing dire situations in terms of equipment and tools. Consequently, health care providers all over the world were instructed to restrict non-emergency and outpatient visits causing significant delays in treatments.


If you are looking for a doctor’s consultation in regards to non-emergency COVID symptoms or  to treat an existing medical condition, book an online appointment and ask a doctor online in Pakistan today. Over the course of this pandemic health care providers have been instructed to either completely shut down non-emergency and outpatient visits causing significant delays in treatments and by asking a doctor online in Lahore or anywhere in Pakistan, you will be able to get treated without leaving the confinements of your home. 

Do you have a chronic health condition? Ask a doctor online in Pakistan.

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Primary care delivery measures such as telehealth networks were put in place to decrease the risk of transmission of the virus to patients as well as health care workers. For the most part many patients are also avoiding visits because they do not want to risk exposure. Healthcare system disruption during the COVID-19 pandemic has particularly obstructed access to healthcare among chronic care patients, such as hypertension, diabetes etc. in low- and middle-income countries like Pakistan, and those from rural areas struggle with even much more barriers to health care access due to lack of infrastructure and/or suspension of public transport. If you suffer from a chronic health condition and require constant monitoring, ask a doctor online in Pakistan by booking a tele-appointment today. Don’t risk your health by delaying it. If you live in Lahore, you can easily ask a doctor online in Lahore for assistance. Skipping appointments or delays in treatments can in a lot of cases cause patients’ health to get worse, particularly those with chronic illnesses.

Although COVID19 has changed how outpatient care is delivered in health care practices now, many physicians are now tending to patients through the introduction of Telemedicine. You can now find best doctors online and ask a doctor online in Pakistan about your concerns over video call appointments from the comfort and safety of your home. 


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