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The Role of Cryptocurrency in the Tech Age

Bitcoin has become a household brand thanks to endorsements from high-profile tech entrepreneurs, sports stars, and investment bankers. Cryptocurrencies can be called digital currencies


The Role of AI in Food Security

There are around 2.02 million farms in the United States. These farms have an average size of 444 acres. Agriculture accounts for around 0.6 percent of GDP in the United States.

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Take Care of your Employees with Smart Digital Solutions

Most workers desire to be valued as individuals by their bosses and supervisors. It encourages them to put in extra effort and increases job satisfaction and performance.

telehealth on women

The Impact of Telehealth on Women

Women constitute a huge chunk of the patient population, and telehealth has proven to be fruitful for them. The needs of women are better addressed via telehealth.

Tele Consultation and Telemedicine Software Development

Tele Consultation and Telemedicine Software Development

In the wake of the current technological progress and application of Telemedicine in the health sector, firms are witnessing changes like never before. Telehealth is the new normal with a snowballing impact on disease eradication. Telehealth removes physical boundaries between patients and healthcare professionals.

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Improve Communication Through 5g Technology

The possible reason behind the need for 5G is the growing popularity of Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial IoT (IIoT) devices, which rely on 5G for lag-free data transfer and analytics.

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IoT Cyber Security: Implications and Challenges

IoT Security is concerned with securing Internet-connected devices. Cyber Security is a key component of the Internet of Things (IoT). The safety of IoT devices is hampered by a large number of security flaws.


The Role of Social Robots for Mental Health

Robotics is increasingly being talked about in order to curb mental health issues in individuals. Research about how to provide technology-assisted, reactive psychological health and mental well-being therapies and improvements to existing platforms is the new normal.


The Role of AI in Enhancing Workplace Productivity

According to research, AI can aid in the removal of unconscious and conscious biases in personnel recruiting and compensation policies within organizations.

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Virtual Healthcare Management in Metaverse

The use of metaverse in medical education and training is assistive in developing an augmented reality space to examine the physiology of a human body in a laboratory setting. This technology has the ability to usher in a new era of education.

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The Rising Demand of Data Analytics in Healthcare

The Healthcare sector is a multi-layered department meant to prevent diagnosis and treat human-related problems and issues with the help of health experts.

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Effects of Green Cloud Computing on Environment

Cloud computing is the contemporary term for the commercialization of these innovations, in which computing is offered as a utility on a pay-as-you-go basis. The Cloud allows users to store, access, and share any quantity of data.


Telemedicine in Metaverse

Today the world of Telemedicine has gone beyond boundaries to an advanced level that has allowed its amalgamation into the metaverse. Technological progress has combined all forms of advancement and taken it to an astonishing level that curates what the future would look like.

Digital Health Market Trend
The digitalization of healthcare has resulted in a revolution across the globe. Healthcare is a field that is always evolving, with unlimited choices fueling creativity and innovation for medical practitioners.
Blockchain in Healthcare
Conceptual and actual use cases imply that blockchain might help health systems shift digitally, notably in terms of proof of identity, patient consent, information sharing and access rights, and pharmaceutical industry supply chain management.
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