An innovative telehealth platform with robust integrations
What is MHI?

Mobihealth International is a multi-award winning telemedicine platform connecting patients and providers in real-time with quick and easy appointment scheduling, audio and video consultation using AI diagnostics.

Patient-Provider Problems
Limited access
Ineffective remote care
Waiting time
Burdened Hospitals
Did You Know?
In the early months of COVID-19’s rapid spread across the US, 71% of patients had considered telemedicine while half had already gone through with a virtual appointment.
A study found that use of in-person medical services dropped by 75% in the first 2 months of the pandemic.
More than 60% of physicians reported that telehealth is easy to use within their practice across urban, suburban, and rural locations.
68% of physicians reported that they wanted to increase the use of telehealth in their practice.
High Level Features Of Mobihealth International
HIPAA & GDPR Compliant
  • Telemedicine industry-standard guidelines for sensitive patient data
  • Protected patient medical records
  • Safe and secure exchange of confidential information
Accessibility to Specialists
  • Patients can find specialists with filter search option
  • Improved accessibility to specialist care for hard to reach places
  • Great option for chronic disease management
Quick Appointment Scheduling
  • One-screen appointment creation for doctors
  • One-click appointment booking for patients
  • Less waiting time to schedule appointments
  • Talk to a Doctor on the same day
Audio & Video Consultation
  • High-quality live video sessions enable healthcare providers to pick up visual and auditory clues for diagnosis.
  • Improves the quality of diagnosis
  • Increases patient satisfaction
Clinical Documentation
  • A complete record of the patient-physician interaction
  • SOAP notes for patient history
  • A log of vitals
  • E-prescription history
AI powered diagnostic integration
  • Secure integration
  • Easy upgrade and enhancements
  • Better patient care
  • Real-time patient diagnosis and treatment
Public Forum
  • Online community support for patients
  • Discuss common health issues online
Web & Mobile Application
  • Accessible telemedicine platform through a web browser with any device
  • Mobile application also available for convenient 1:1 appointments
Robust Integration
  • Patient profile management
  • Online appointments
  • Pharmacy management
  • Clinical notes
  • E-prescriptions and DME
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Communication
  • Video conferencing
Interactive Interface
  • Push notification and SMS
  • Email notification on top
  • Important timely reminders