CureXeven EHR

Our electronic health records system is a comprehensive and interactive solution that allows a secure and efficient exchange of confidential clinical information to provide better patient care.

The Importance of EHR/EMR software development

Today, hospitals and healthcare professionals must document patient care in order to meet standards and laws. Electronic health records are now an essential element of healthcare; thus, doctors and hospital administrators wish to use efficient tools to track and manage this information. The finest EMR software accomplishes tasks by gathering, recording, tracking, and managing patient health data from a variety of sources, ranging from routine doctor visits to medical test findings. EHR software gives full insights on patient health and can even provide population health analytics to enable health care practitioners in taking initiatives to enhance population health on a broader level.

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EMR systems place patients at the center of the healthcare process. Clinical notes, which are supplied to patients within 3 working days, provide patients with information on their visit, such as the treatment delivered, medications recommended, follow-up dates, and other stories. Summaries assist patients in remembering information, recalling anything they may have missed, and gaining better comprehension of what is going on. It also gives them the opportunity to ask any queries they may have. Another characteristic of the software is the provision of links to videos, articles, and images that assist patients in gaining an understanding of their specific healthcare situation. The EHR software development opens doors to more possibilities for physicians.

Clinicians can more readily coordinate and manage patient care across offices and locations using digital records. Issues like office visits, testing, surgery, and hospital stays are all under one roof, allowing services to be organized and planned in a single visit rather than many trips, which saves time. Clinicians from various disciplines can also work together to improve patient health outcomes.

Digital records provide improved tracking and more consistent recording of patient contacts, potentially reducing errors. Illegible handwriting in physicians’ notes or medications is no longer an issue, and coding for treatments or invoicing is simplified with digital paper trails. Drug interactions and other signs of possible risk can also be flagged by integrated systems.

Electronic health record-keeping, when used to its greatest extent, can improve patient care. Healthcare practitioners can devote more time to therapy rather than record-keeping. Electronic health record management enables healthcare practitioners to discover patterns and exchange information in previously unimaginable ways, perhaps leading to speedier, more effective therapies.

Additional ways an EHR enhances treatment and clinical results are by minimizing duplicate testing and increasing overall efficiency. The EHR also maintains radiological findings, which physicians can access from inside the program if they need to see the actual X-ray or the radiologist’s report. All reports are available to all doctors engaged in the patient’s treatment and can be accessed at any time.

The EHR/EMR services offered at  Xeven enable full insights to the patient health status allowing more beneficial outcomes for patient recovery. The software designed by our EHR developers stands out in the market and medical field allowing more users to benefit from us. We proudly claim to be amongst the best EMR development companies globally with robust research and contributions to health tech.

What is CureXeven?

Cure Xeven is an integrated, cloud-based, HIPAA & GDPR compliant Electronic Medical Record enabling secure and efficient exchange of confidential clinical information to provide better patient care. Cure Xeve shows real-time, patient-centered information providing a broader view of a patient’s care to authorized users in healthcare organizations of all sizes.

Healthcare Organization Problems

Limited collaboration
Inaccessibility to medical records
Increased risk of human error
Missing Patient Information
Too much paperwork
Time management

Did you know?

86% of physician offices now use an EMR system
EMR use has increased from 26% to 95% during covid19
96% of hospitals have adopted EMR

High level features of CureXeven

HIPAA & GDPR Compliant EMR

  • Secure exchange of patient data
  • Automatic logoff
  • Unique user identification


  • Compatibility with other EMR softwares and medical systems
  • Easy to use across a wide range of mobile devices and browsers

Robust Integration

  • Profile management
  • Client management
  • Online appointments
  • Pharmacy management
  • Clinical notes
  • Payments & Billing
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Communication

Doctor Portal

  • Complete SOAP notes
  • Provider-patient list
  • Comprehensive doctor profile
  • Clinical charting and documentation
  • Digital signature and referrals
  • Drug-Allergy alerts
  • Online lab, imaging and procedure orders
  • Immunization documentation

E-prescription and DME

  • Quick online prescriptions
  • Quick prescription re-fills

Patient Portal

  • Complete view of provider list
  • Quick prescription refills
  • Detailed medical history
  • Easy to update patient profile
  • Access to medical records, lab results
  • Easy appointment scheduling

Admin Portal

  • Role based access control
  • Complete view of number of patients, providers and staff
  • Real-time notifications
  • Wide view of patient care and journey
  • In patient and out-patient management

Ambulance Management

  • Create an online fleet of care vehicles
  • Monitor the vehicles with live tracking mobile app
  • Have full visibility of the location of the patient and the vehicle at all times


  • Efficient admission and discharge.    
  • Patient’s digital notes, orders and payments allow for quick discharge summaries.                                                                             
  • Quick patient transfer from one department to the other
  • Improved inter-departmental communication
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