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Software Development Solutions Company

Xeven Solutions is a custom software development company. Our team of custom software specialists makes sure they follow the thorough process of development, designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions or organizations. We being a software development solutions company, offer custom application development services focuses on a narrowly defined set of requirements as well as commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) that requires little modification for users. We have a global footprint and are rapidly expanding as a software development company in USA.

Best Custom Software Development Services – Unique solutions for unique problems

Custom software development is also referred to as bespoke software. Our experts are equipped with expertise in:

  • custom design
  • custom development
  • maintenance
  • manufacturing based on the customer’s unique requirements.

Typically, an in-house development team or a third-party works on custom software development services. While custom software development goes through the same processes and methodologies as other types of software development, a custom project would however require a more narrow set of requirements and a more focused approach through steps such as requirement gathering, code construction, testing, and deployment.

Steps That We Follow

Additional or extra steps in custom software development services may include:

  • Application customization. This refers to modifying COTS applications to support individual requirements.
  • Application modernization. This plays a vital role in maintaining the viability of an organization’s custom software to meet evolving user and market demands.
  • Application management. Effective custom software solutions must include features such as quick installation, updating, performance and availability optimization, and service desk functions.
Why choose us as your custom software development company?

Because we are experienced, competition ready and equipped with the right technology stack for you! Here are some reasons why you should partner with us.


We focus on purpose-built custom software solutions that support processes swiftly and productively.



Custom software solutions can grow and change with your business. Our team of experts comprising skillful designers and developers can assess potential needs and requirements based on careful analysis.


One of the chief considerations of commercial software is will it work with existing and legacy applications? We build custom software can be built to integrate with its intended environment.

Boost your business

Building a custom software solution for a business typically results in their ownership of the software. This allows them to license it or sell it to other organizations.

Custom Software Services
Enterprise Applications
Our expert team creates modern and innovative enterprise solutions to optimize your business functions and processes.
SaaS Applications
We leverage our experience-based knowledge in terms of overcoming challenges and optimizing opportunities.
HIPAA Compliant Applications
With valuable input by our HIPAA certified consultants, we create HIPAA compliant applications from architecture to delivery.
E-commerce Applications
We build competitive applications that streamline inventory, management, billing and security for your business growing!
Mobile Applications
We have built hundreds of iOS, Android and Hybrid mobile applications according to customer requirements.

Legacy Systems
We rebuild old software to make it more dynamic, modern and efficient and user friendly to keep up with the tech needs of this time!
Third party Applications
We take over solutions from third party vendors and work with you to chart a path suited to your requirements.

Product Development
From your vision to development and deployment, our team helps you build unparalleled products within your budget and on-time.