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April 23, 2024

Medication Tracking Software: Top 6 Benefits and Features

Suppose your parents are in their sixties or seventies and are facing several health-related issues. What will you do to ensure their well-being? Did proper medication adherence pop up in your mind? If so, then you are thinking right. Medication adherence is necessary for better well-being, no matter the age. However, not everyone takes drugs as prescribed.

According to a report, approximately 125,000 deaths per year in the United States are due to medication nonadherence. Things get even worse when it comes to chronic disease treatment or medication. Don’t these numbers astonish you? 

This raises a need to build a healthcare app or medication tracking software for better health management. Not merely having a medication tracker does the trick, but a tracker with the right features is essential to ensure better health administration.

In this article, we will discuss medication tracking software, its features, and benefits for healthcare providers and patients.

What is medication management & software?

What is medication management & software

Medication management is a process that emphasizes the timely consumption of the right quantity of medicines for improved patient well-being. Several medication tracker solutions are available to track whether a patient is taking medicines as prescribed. 

You might be wondering how it is possible. These medication management tools have a medication reminder feature that alerts patients when to take the drug. They are also known as pill trackers. 

These software tools benefit not only patients but also healthcare practitioners. They aid in inventory tracking, e-prescribing, automated reminders about upcoming dosages, and more.

Medication Tracking Software Adoption

After the pandemic, most people are concerned about their well-being and ready to adopt innovative healthcare solutions. Moreover, it has become necessary to stop medication nonadherence to improve patient outcomes. 

It enhances the demand for cutting-edge medication administrative software that provides insights into patients’ health progress and facilitates medication adherence. 

According to the SkyQuest report, the medication adherence market was $2.80 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $7.49 billion by 2030. This data indicates the notable growth in the market size of medication management tools.

6 Must-Have Medication Tracking Software Features

6 Must Have Medication Tracking Software Features

What’s the motive for investing time and effort in a medication inventory software that will not serve its purpose? Knowing what features are necessary to benefit patients and healthcare providers will empower you to dedicate your significant time to developing the right pill tracker software. For this,  you must put yourself in the shoes of the users.

Here are medication tracking software features to improve patient satisfaction and streamline healthcare workflows.

1.Medication Scheduling

Being a medication tracking software, there is no doubt that it should have a medication tracking and scheduling feature. Think of the users and what the user wants while developing a medication tracking app. 

It should encompass not only the medicine’s name but also its description, precise dosage details, preferred administration method, and optimal ingestion timing.

For example, some people in your family are diabetic. Is it enough for them to add only the name of the medicine? No, they should also be able to add the dosage quantity, the best time to take medicine, and more. It will give them complete control over their health.

2.Medication Reminder

Drug intake reminder is another pivotal factor that should be included in every medication tracker. Like us, many of you might also face scenarios where you forgot to take medicine due to the daily hustle and bustle. 

Inconsistent consumption of medical drugs can hinder the impact of medications. So, this feature can come in handy and remind users when to take the medicine to prevent missed doses.

3.Prescription renewal

Did it ever happen to you that you completely forgot about a medication prescription refill? It almost happened to every one of us. These pill tracker apps must have prescription renewal reminders that empower users to refill the supplies promptly. It will benefit users by avoiding any disruptions in medication for better health outcomes.

4.Drug Interaction Checker

Imagine someone you know is a chronic disease patient. It is of the utmost importance for them to check whether each medicine they are going to take will not react with the medicines they already take. If medicines react, it can have severe impacts on the patient’s health and can cause death.

The drug interaction checker feature allows patients to stay informed about the components of the drugs and alerts them about any adverse effects they may have. It enables patients to consult the doctor before taking any new medication.

5.Medical Data Sharing

Keeping all your medical data safe and accessible when required is tiresome. Some scenarios may arise where you lose all the paperwork related to your medical history. What will you do in such scenarios? How will your new doctor know every minute of your treatment or medication history?

The medical data sharing feature of medication tracking software makes it easier for doctors to access accurate patient data. It helps to save time, and doctors can provide feedback after analyzing your ongoing medication plans.

6.Synchronization Across Multiple Devices

Medication management software solutions should have a synchronization feature that allows multiple user devices to connect. It keeps the users of synchronized devices aware of the patient’s adherence to prescribed medication. Moreover, it is not necessarily your family or other relatives’ device; it can be your alternative electronic device.

There may arise situations where you go on a trip but forget to take your primary device. In such scenarios, your alternative electronic device keeps you notified about your medication routine. 

6 Top Benefits of Medication Tracking Software

Top Benefits of Medication Tracking Software

No matter who you are, whether you are a patient, healthcare provider, clinician, or anyone else in the healthcare industry, medication tracker software has something to offer you. Here are some of the top benefits of medication management software:

1. Medication Tracking Software Benefits for Healthcare Professionals

1.1 Improving Health Through Data Insights

Undoubtedly, medication administrative software serves its purpose of allowing users to take medicines regularly without disruptions. But it does more than just that. Ask yourself: Won’t you prefer a solution that has much more to offer than just its core responsibility? Yes? You aren’t the only one; everyone would love to have such digital health tools.

Medication administration software provides insights about many other human health metrics, including blood pressure, sugar level, etc. These insights empower caretakers to assess any early signs of a new disease and prevent it.

1.2 Minimizing Medication Interactions

Does it ever happen that your doctor prescribes a medicine, and when you take it, it reacts with the medication you are already taking? People face these challenges a lot, which harm their health.

Medication tracker apps or software enable healthcare professionals to know which medication will interact with the medication you are already taking. You might be wondering how it is possible. These pill tracker apps have a detailed history of patient data, medication history, allergies, and more. 

So, these apps notify doctors whenever they prescribe a new drug that can react with the human body based on allergies.

1.3 Efficient Data Accessibility

It is common for people to change their doctors because they aren’t satisfied with their current doctor. Moreover, some people have to change their doctors because they have to shift to another city. 

However, some people hesitate to change the doctor for the right reason, which is how the new doctor will be able to know the past medical history of the patient. How will they know what suits them?

Med tracking software stores all of the patient’s medical history, medication data, and more in a single place. It acts as a central repository and provides the new doctor with all the necessary patient history. It empowers new caretakers to make well-informed decisions. 

With medication trackers available, you can now change and consult a better doctor without worrying about anything.

2. Medication Tracker Benefits for Patients

2.1 Ease of Use

Do you also consider the ease of use when using software or an application? Did you also consider factors like how simple the navigation is and how easily you can find the necessary options within the software? If so, medication management software is for you.

They serve their core purpose effectively but also provide ease of use. They are very user-friendly, and the symbols used are self-explanatory. What’s more, these software or medication tracking apps use a little mobile space. So, why not give them a shot and prioritize your health?

2.2 Automated Rx & Medication Reminder

Many people forget to take their medication on time during the chaos of everyday life. Medication tracking software benefits patients by sending automated medication reminders to take drugs regularly according to their schedule.

They not only send reminders to take medicine at the proper time but also to refill the supplies. It empowers patients to take their medication at proper times without any discontinuation.

2.3 Syncing with Other Tools

Medication administrative software synchronizes with other tools to help patients care for themselves. Imagine a scenario where you move to a new city and have to visit the nearest physician or pharmacy. You are new to the town and unfamiliar with the clinics’ location or any pharmacies.

The medication tracker can sync with GPS to help patients find nearby clinics or pharmacies to fulfil their necessities. Users can also synchronize these med trackers with wearable devices such as smartwatches.


Digital healthcare software and apps are necessary to overcome global health concerns and ensure better healthcare delivery. Medication tracking software is one of the most innovative healthcare trends. It not only saves costs but ensures that patients adhere to their medications. 

The right medication administration software has some exciting features and comes with numerous benefits, as mentioned above. It will give you a competitive edge but requires you to leverage the expertise of a reliable software development company to elevate the standard of healthcare delivery.

How Xeven Solutions Helps with Medication Tracking Software Development

Xeven Solutions has 10+ years of experience developing medication tracking software solutions. We have over 220+ highly qualified and passionate engineers with an aim to transform the healthcare delivery experience. We are client-focused and support transparency throughout the software development process. Collaborate with us now and build a brighter future for healthcare together with our medication tracker development expertise.

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