March 15, 2022

Custom Healthcare Solution Features and Technologies

The size of the healthcare IT market was estimated to be over USD 261 billion in 2021 and is expected to increase at a rate of over 14% CAGR from 2022 to 2030. Moreover, global healthcare industry expansion will fuel market expansion globally. Information technology has recently been included into the healthcare industry as a crucial component of the industry.

Patients, doctors, and managers all use medical software in any healthcare facility. It is much simpler to manage appointments, store patient data, issue invoices, manage inventory, and perform other tasks with a high-quality custom healthcare solution.

In fact, Any solution created to meet the needs of the healthcare business is considered medical software. Data on a patient is gathered, processed, and stored using medical software.

The process of creating mobile or online apps for patients and medical professionals is known as medical software development. Xeven Solutions assists in developing medical software that helps you to engage with patients, conduct medical data analytics, and obtain patient health data.

Must Have Features In Custom Healthcare Solution

Monitoring System

The ability to keep an eye on the vital signs and conditions of patients should be the most crucial feature of any healthcare software. Moreover, heart rate, pulse, blood sugar level, blood pressure, and calorie intake should all be able to be tracked by healthcare software. Having software with such a competitive feature improves your user experience.


To provide critically ill patients with a smooth medical facility and service, scheduling and reminders are essential. Moreover, users will be able to set reminders for various practices, including doctor appointments, medication reminders, sleep reminders, exercise reminders, water intake reminders, and daily calorie consumption reminders.

Doctors Information

Doctor information is a crucial component that ought to be included in the development phase. This is important so that the patient can sort through a variety of factors and parameters to find their doctor. Doctor experience, fees, specialty, availability, gender, and location are all things that patients always look for in a doctor. Before making a payment for an appointment, researching a specific profile of the doctor becomes very simple.

Social Media Login

In order to facilitate quick sign-in on the healthcare software, the social media sign-in feature needs to be incorporated. Moreover, every time a user tries to join in to their chosen healthcare application, they have the option to enable rapid social media sign-in. It is simple to log in using the username and password already set up in this manner.

Patient Profile

A central patient dashboard is one of the top elements in medical software development. Moreover, For a particular doctor, the dashboard is an essential tool for planning and acting immediately to provide the appropriate treatment. It provides a comprehensive overview of the patient’s medical record and essential diagnostic information. In fact, this feature will highlight all of the details and filter each patient based on their medical issues.

Patient Registration

The design of healthcare software ought to be done in such a way that patients can rely on it sufficiently. And with a secure authentication procedure and minimal registration requirements. Moreover, If your healthcare application only requires the minimum amount of information to complete the registration process, impatient users will absolutely adore it. You will always have an authentication process for registering new and existing users if you develop healthcare software correctly. Moreover, The patient can quickly upload their prescriptions, medical records, and insurance verification.


Through web and mobile applications, telemedicine technology makes it possible to consult with medical professionals online. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when normal healthcare networks were disrupted and many people are unable to visit healthcare facilities for regular in-person appointments, demand for this technology has increased. In-app video conferencing is one example of a growing number of telemedicine solutions and services that provide extensive functionality on a single platform.

Technologies Used In Medical Software Development

Blockchain Technology

Medical software development frequently makes use of blockchain technology, which has a lot of potential to simplify medical billing and provide transparency in financial operations and data security. Moreover, secure transfer of patients, supply chains, and medical records is made easier. Through the development of healthcare software that incorporates blockchain technology.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the best technologies for healthcare software development is artificial intelligence. With the help of medical data interpretation, artificial intelligence can actually mimic human cognition. When it comes to medical reports, the algorithms that are incorporated into artificial intelligence provide a precise conclusion. Accurate medical reports have resulted, allowing for the most effective treatment at the right time. Artificial intelligence is used in the design of the healthcare software. Which enables the system to automate and anticipate a variety of outcomes. Moreover, It regulates and anticipates patient admissions, chronic health risks, and enhances clinic unit workflow in ICU and ITU settings.

Why Is Having A Custom Healthcare Solution Important?

Digital technologies personalize the healthcare system and provide ongoing and anytime care. As a result, we are seeing the development of a new business model for the digital healthcare industry.

With the use of mobile app development, cloud computing, web, and other technologies, the objective of custom healthcae solution is to build a single information environment of various capacity, from a solitary clinical facility to a regional network. Moreover, all parties benefit from the convenient and advantageous link that information systems and networks provide between patients, medical advisors, and healthcare professionals.

If you are looking for custom software development, Xeven Solutions is here to help. Moreover, utilize the strength of healthcare software development by using Xeven Solutions to create your software. With seasoned and knowledgeable healthcare developers, it provides a top custom medial software development.

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